What started as a few lessons thanks to a Christmas gift from my wife, turned out to be a 5 year guitar journey of lessons. Ron is great teacher who is extremely patient and will tailor his lessons to your needs with also providing you the necessary music theory and technical skills. You are getting a seasoned working musician who is also an educator. His lessons are also fun as well, which made me look forward to each session. I am now a proud “pro-amateur” as Ron would put it. I highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking instruction at any level or musical genre.

Mike Baker 

MichaelScalabrinoStudentI first met and heard Ron at NAMM In LA. I was just blown away by his playing. I got a chance to play with him and he had some great suggestions for me. I wanted to continue studying with Ron and so I went to NY to take a lesson with him. The lesson went great. I learned a bunch of great stuff from him and he knew 100% what he was talking about. I will be continuing lessons with Ron over Skype and learning from his new jazz guitar learning website.

Michael Scalabrino

Senior in high school living in Boston


"The first time that i heard Ron Jackson play a Guitar Solo- it was beautiful- I knew at that moment that he had extraordinary improvisational skill.

I wanted to study some soloing concepts with him, I consider myself a professional Bassist; but Ron Jackson breaks down the confusion and fear associated with having the spotlight on your solo's, he actually teaches you how to think differently and use the things that you already know about music more effectively so your solo improvisations sound better.

I highly suggest that if you feel that you are not playing at the level that you desire please give Ron Jackson a call; it may be the best thing that you could ever do for your career.

Clyde Bullard/ Bassist and Producer at Flushing Town Hall, Queens, New York City


"Ron Jackson is an amazing guitarist and teacher. Ron's thorough yet practical approach to teaching when I was in high school helped me develop the phrasing and vocabulary that I had always wanted as an aspiring jazz guitarist. Ultimately, I was able to get into the music school of my choice and now have a fulfilling career as a professional guitar player in NYC".

Mark Cocheo

Graduate Jazz For Teens NJPAC and New England Conservatory now living in NYC as professional guitarist


I have taken classes with Ron for a good chunk of time. He is an excellent teacher and and all around good guy. I am now attending music school next year due to his help. He helped me practice the exact techniques I needed for upcoming auditions, and I was accepted by such schools as Oberlin and Berklee College of Music. I believe this was almost entirely attributed to the things Ron has taught me. I am really thankful for this. He is a great teacher, and I strongly recommend him to anyone - whether you are just beginning or years into playing, his lessons will definitely help you improve your playing and sound, and will make you an overall better player.

John Seyfried

College student majoring in Art transferring to Berklee College of Music


While attending graduate school in Brooklyn, I became interested in learning more about jazz performance. After I visited a few jazz night spots around the City, Ron Jackson walked in to a jam session at a local club, guitar and amplifier in hand, smiled at the audience and proceeded to set up and ‘do his musical thing’ with the rest of the musicians on the stage. In addition to his dynamite performance skills, I liked his attitude. During a break, I approached and asked if he would consider giving lessons in jazz theory and performance to someone who doesn’t play guitar .

 During the year or so I studied with Ron, I developed a greater appreciation for some of the finer points of jazz harmony and bebop melody, i.e., which scale tones belong “on the beat” and so forth, and learned a few standard tunes—it’s not all swing, either!

I developed a greater appreciation for some of the finer points of jazz harmony and bebop melody, I definitely developed an appreciation for “this music” though feeling I’ve only cracked the surface. I currently do not live in New York, but we stay in touch nonetheless. Whenever I end up working in the City again, it would be great to hook up with Ron Jackson for another round of lessons.

Mark Priest

Composer and Arranger


 Ron Jackson is by far one of the best, if not the best teacher I have ever had. He is an intelligent teacher full of knowledge and reasoning; with him I have excelled greatly in sight reading, improvising, rhythmic studies and ear training. Ron has been a great mentor to me and continues to do so without effort. He is a great guy and having him as your teacher will help you excel beyond your wildest dreams. He is by far, my favorite jazz teacher making it easy to learn complicated solos because he is able to breakdown anything. This skill is his greatest asset because Ron is able to make learning funning making even the hardest of music easy to breakdown and understand for any person of any level. Thank you Ron for everything; and please anyone who reads this should consider having him as a mentor.

Mason Sacks

Manhattan School of Music Teen Program


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