• alfonse ciaccio


    Just discovered you in my search for 7 string lessons on YouTube…great work, highly musical and swinging. I am from the NYC area originally but now live in Pa. Would love a one time visit and lesson if you are still in the greater NYC area. I am currently a student of Joe Negri and have been a student of Gene Bertoncini in the past. You and I are approximately the same age and from what i can tell attitude. May God bless you my friend for the element of love I hear in your playing..

    alfonse ciaccio
    ps I have a cd that i would love to send you of my old trio…

  • James Lair

    Hi Mr. Jackson,
    I am an intermediate, self taught, jazz student. I learned from Sean McGowen’s material. I have been playing guitar for 50 years, and studying Jazz the last five years of that. I am frustrated with learning 1940’s – 1960′ jazz standards, because I simply cannot find current material from Jazz players in our current times. I love easy or west coast jazz. My fingers no longer are fast enough for BeBop. I learn much better from printed material with CD’s -as opposed to on-line-. Can you help me with some direction, advice, links to suppliers of such material, or suggestions here?
    Thank you, James

    • admin

      Hi James, Sure! Please contact me at 917-804-8716 or, Best Ron

    • admin

      Sure James, please contact me on the contact form on the homepage. Best Ron

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