Intermediate Lessons are for students with 5-7 years of guitar study. You need to know at least some bar chords, scales and if possible but not necessary, some form of blues, rock or basic jazz improvisation. It would also be helpful but not necessary if you have some knowledge of reading music, guitar diagrams and guitar tablature (TABS).

Topics include: 

Theory Intermediate

Scales Intermediate

II-V-I Chord Structure


Bass Lines

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  • Andrew Ochen

    Hi! I moved to the New
    York/New Jersey area from Kampala, Uganda last year. I’ve been practicing guitar (alone in the sitting room) for about 6 years and would like to expand my abilities by linking up with real guitarists. Do you conduct any ‘live’ intermediate level workshops; and if so how frequently and when is the next one?

    • admin

      Sure! Please contact me at 917-804-8716 or, Best Ron

    • admin

      Sure please contact me on the contact form on the homepage.

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