What started as a few lessons thanks to a Christmas gift from my wife, turned out to be a 5 year guitar journey of lessons. Ron is great teacher who is extremely patient and will tailor his lessons to your needs with also providing you the necessary music theory and technical skills. You are getting a seasoned working musician who is also an educator. His lessons are ...

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Do You Need Help?

Here My Weekly Practice Tips! Practice Tips Technique Try to memorize and picture the guitar fingerboard as patterns. Once do this, your fingering doesn’t matter. You will always know where you are on the fingerboard. Practice Tip Practicing Find all the fingerings possible for a melodic phrase Challenge: Try playing a Be-Bop melody using different fingerings, octaves and positions Practice Tip Improvisation The best way to practice and learn ...

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My Favorite Links

These are links that I recommend of my favorite friends, music stuff, places to hang and to study! My Websites Ron Jackson Official Website PracticeJazzGuitar.com   My Groups   "Flubby Dubby" Hammond Organ Soul-Jazz Group Twitter   Endorsements   Musicians   Music Venues   Music Schools   Jazz Websites  

Advanced Lessons

Advanced lessons are for students with more than 7 years of guitar experience. You need to know or be familiar with at least some advanced chords (7th chords etc.), the minor pentatonic and major scale and if possible but not necessary, some form of blues, rock or basic jazz improvisation. It would also be helpful but not necessary if you have ...

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Intermediate Lessons

Intermediate Lessons are for students with 5-7 years of guitar study. You need to know at least some bar chords, scales and if possible but not necessary, some form of blues, rock or basic jazz improvisation. It would also be helpful but not necessary if you have some knowledge of reading music, guitar diagrams and guitar tablature (TABS). Topics include:  Theory Intermediate Scales Intermediate II-V-I Chord Structure Improvisation Bass Lines [...

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Beginner Lessons

Beginner lessons are for students with 2-5 years of experience playing guitar. You cannot be a complete beginner. You need to know at least some basic open string chords and bar chords if possible. It would also be helpful but not necessary if you have some knowledge of reading music, guitar diagrams and guitar tablature (TABS). Topics include:   Scales Theory Improvisation [CLICK HERE] to sign up for BEGINNER LESSONS